Innovative secured WEB based document EMR.


Ascend offers an advanced WEB based EMR [Electronic Medical Records] system – The PortalMD®.

PortalMD® offers highly secured WEB based platform for managing and handling of transcribed medical records. It provides secured and authenticated user access as defined by the HIM Director of the facility. Some of key features and functionality of the PortalMD are:

Access | Facility defined access for authorized users only.

Users | Users with different privileges are supported. Staff users with view and print, HIM users with view, print and report edit and HIM manager with view, print, edit and HIS upload capabilities represent some the options. Users and their privileges are defined by facility’s HIM management.

Physicians | Optional access for physicians is also available. Under physician access, each authorized physician can only access their own reports. A physician can view and print; or view, print, edit and e-Sign their reports.

Availability | PortalMD operates at our high availability data centers; and it does not require any capital equipment investment by the client.

Reports | All reports are posted on WEB data base and maintained by the system. Reports are instantly accessible for the life of the agreement.

Management | The functionality management, user management and management reporting off PortalMD are all done in conjunction with facility’s HIM management.

PortalMD® in addition offers report upload interface to some the key client HIS|EHR systems:

  • Meditech
  • EPIC
  • McKesson
  • Cerner
  • Siemens
  • CPSI
  • Softmed
  • AllScript
  • Others

PortalMD® provides direct interface or via Clover Leaf interface server depending on client environment.

PortalMD® WEB management provides instant access to each Report. The WEB service permits access to report by Patient Name, Physician Name, Date of dictation, Report or Work type and Medical Record or Patient Account Number. Report(s) are instantly available for View, Print, Edit and HIS|HER upload based on user privileges. The user interface highly intuitive.

PortalMD® WEB management provides instant access to each transcribed report in real time and eliminates large job list and other cumbersome methods. Access management permits authorized access for HIM staff and physicians. It also aids verification of physician delinquency. The quick search function permits location of a dictation by Patient Name, Physician Name, Date of dictation, Work/Report type and Medical Record/Account Number and other parameters.


PortalMD® architecture permits secured access of patient medical records via WEB service operating on a 24x7 basis. The architecture is designed to augment facilities HIS/EHR systems in a complimentary fashion while maintaining synergistic and real time work flow.

PortalMD® architecture also permits mixed user base support including facility’s floor staff, HIM/Medical Records staff and physicians. The service coverage reduces the reliance on paper based and manual patient records work-flow within the facility and optimizes EHR deployments.


Ascend Healthcare Systems LLC with PortalMD® offers innovative options for product acquisition. Some of options available with PortalMD® include the following:

  • On-site or off-site deployment
  • Option to eliminate capital expenditure
  • Redundant back-up system from our data centers
  • Continuous technology upgrade option