A 365 bed New York hospital is saving $7.7M in direct cost with our transcription services.


Ascend outsource clinical documentation services provide hospitals, clinics and group practices with cost-effective, technically advanced and flexible solutions. Our solutions effectively integrate and balance technology with client needs in delivering high-performance services.

Ascend combines its advanced Ascend secured WEB platforms to deliver high accuracy, quality, speed, compliance, and completeness. These solutions meet and exceed physician satisfaction; HIM department needs and ensures timely revenue reimbursement for the facility.

Ascend has delivered direct cost savings up to 45% against in-house operation or other national service providers. These savings are further enhanced with our services that eliminate the need for capital equipment investment, set-up and training cost, HIS integration and interface cost and technology upgrade cost for each of its clients. Simply purchase the services you need and there is no other hidden or ancillary cost.


Ascend transcription outsourcing services offer general and specialized service features.

Service Coverage | Ascend provides 7 days a week, 24 hours per day service and support coverage to all our clients.

Turnaround Time [TAT] | Ascend meets each client's individual turnaround time specifications and requirements. Our contractual obligations exceed 99% TAT specified by the client.

Quality | Ascend transcribed reports meet the highest quality standards based on the guidelines and standards set forth by AHDI. Guarantee the quality of our transcribed reports including ESL physicians at 98.2%.

Voice Recognition | Ascend provides Voice Recognition as a part of its workflow. Ascend voice recognition services do not require a physician to self-edit their documents. Each document processed through voice recognition is edited by Ascend VR editor before delivery to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Extremely difficult physicians are excluded from voice recognition and are normally transcribed. The client has the option to select or not deploy voice recognition.

Systems and Security | Ascend maintains and operates multiple fail-safe, redundant data centers around the United States. Our workflow includes AnssableĀ® proprietary security in addition to secured VPN, DES Encryption, and SSL WEB portals.

Dictation | Ascend offers voice capture via various modes depending on client needs. These include 1-800 toll-free, mobility via SmartPHONE, handheld digital devices, and other mediums. Ascend dictations are cataloged and available for client view and a desktop audio replay via PortalVOICE WEB service. Ascend retains and archives voice files for future access for the length of the client agreement.

Document Delivery | Ascend deploys PortalMD SSL WEB platform for document availability to the client based on client needs. Each WEB platform provides complete document database, secured authorized user access, document view, edit, print, upload to HIS|EHR systems and eFAX capability. PortalMD WEB platform provides full integration with Meditech, EPIC, Cerner, McKesson, NTT Keane, All Script, MEDHOST, Quadramed, 3M Softmed and other systems.


Ascend offers one of the most innovative cost/pricing structures for outsourcing services.

  • Direct cost reduction of 20% - 35% through reduced rates
  • No charge for system and technology use by the client
  • No charge for service deployment, testing, and training


Ascend service deployment entails several unique aspects. Ascend completely sets up its services in pre-production mode for client testing and operation. This phase permits our clients to verify each element of the service workflow before production.