A state's department of health has cut coding cost and reimbursement delays by 70% using our services


Ascend Medical coding outsource service is offered nationally to a wide variety of clients including hospitals, clinics, HMOs and physician practices.

Ascend iPortalCODER® is a state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant secured SSL Internet based coding system. It offers a full integration with HIPAA security guidelines. Our coding out-sourcing service solution includes advanced technology components such as DES encryption, access security based on digital signatures, secured nation-wide VPN network and an advanced scheme of user privilege assignment management. Ascend staff also goes through mandated background checks. Collectively, this work flow offers the most comprehensive HIPAA compliant coding solution.


Ascend provides 7 days a week, 24 hours per day; and 365 days service and support coverage to all our clients. Round-the-clock coverage aids our client hospitals and clinics in providing better patient care.


Ascend meets each client's individual turn around time for coding services. Ascend generally completes accurate, complete and compliant coding from the client provided source documentation within 24 hours.


Ascend iPortalCODER® system accepts various types of source documentation from the client including:

  • Electronic Transcribed documents
  • Scanned charts and other printed documents
  • Electronic medical records in HL7, X.12, EDI, XML, Word processor and other data formats
  • The source documentation is received from each client under HIPAA compliant secured transfers.


Ascend coding reports meet the highest quality standards. Ascend guarantees quality of the coding reports. Our coding staff ensures accurate coding. Automated edit check guards are built in to prevent under or over coding of documents. Prompt and efficient electronic dialog is maintained with client in the event of inadequate source documentation.

Ascend coding reports, along with the source documentation are electronically retained and archived for the length of the agreement and for a six (6) year period. This permits easy retrieval, review and audit. Reports are provided electronically to the client. The option is available to the client wherein coding data along with patient demographics are provided in a digital interface mode for the client's billing system. This eliminates possible re-keying errors and reduces the data input time.


Ascend utilizes certified, trained coders and a state-of-the-art system - iPortalCODER®. Unlike other systems Ascend iPortalCODER® provides automatic built-in edit checks significantly reducing a time consuming manual decision tree process imposed by other systems. In addition, each coder has access to the extensive electronic resources including constant on-line, electronic updates to the DRG codes and explanation/interpretation support. In addition, automated client feedback support is also available to the coders to correct the deficiencies in the source documentation.


Ascend provides service coverage through its multiple network centers located around the country. This distributed network environment provides backup for the round-the-clock service coverage with full redundancy, back-up and high uptime.


Ascend complies with CMS HCFA (coding guidelines), CCI (Correct Coding Initiative), LMRP (Local Medical Review Policies), HIPAA (electronic transfer and security), JCAHO (confidentiality and security), AHDI (quality) and AscendCOUNT® (billing) guidelines.


Ascend offers unique pricing arrangements - firm, fixed rate by report types. Ascend pricing is all-inclusive - telecommunications charges, equipment and support are included in our rate. There are no incremental or hidden charges. We offer multi-year, firm, fixed-price contracts easing the budgeting process for all our clients.

Ascend coding service does not require any capital investment such system and software purchase;, on-going annual support and maintenance fee nor does the client face escalating wage and benefit cost of an in-house operation.

Ascend coding service reduces cost burden by eliminating capital investment, escalating wage cost while providing accurate coding resulting in faster reimbursement. Ascend coding services makes overall cost savings between 30% and 50% feasible.